Squeebles Times Tables 2

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The Squeebles are back, and this time they are ready to help young mathematicians gain fluency in their multiplication skills. This app allows for practice and testing through a number of fun, and at times, challenging, educational games. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
App Overview

This Squeebles Times Tables 2 app weaves an elaborate story of spoiled fun and captured comrades in order to keep youngsters engaged in developing fluency in multiplication facts.  The backstory includes the need to gain stars to free imprisoned fellow Squeebles, and collect bubble-balls and flipfish in order to engage in a favorite Squeeble pastime activity. And then there's the magic bubble-stones, like I said, it's an elaborate story, but young mathematicians will probably find it all fascinating. 

Multplication Tables Practice:

  1. Tables 1-12
    • Choose one number with which to practice multiplication facts 
  2. Tricky Tables 
    • Questions are the multiplication facts the player previously got wrong
    • Timer
  3. Mix it Up
    • Mixed multiplication practice with numbers 1-12
    • Timer
  4. Fill the Gap
    • Fill in the answer to equations missing on the second multiple Ex: 3 x __ = 12. 
    • Timer
  5. Challenge Mode
    • 6 levels each with 5 challenges; each level increases the number correct in a row needed or increases the time limit 
    • Each needs to be unlocked to reach the next level
    • Level 1 tables include: 2, 5, 10
    • Level 2 tables include: 3, 5, 11
    • Level 3 tables include: 3, 4, 9, 11
    • Level 4 tables include: 4, 6, 7, 9
    • Level 5 tables include: 6, 7, 8, 12
    • Level 6 tables include: 12, 3, 14, 15
  6. Extreme Tables
    • Questions with 13, 14, 15 times tables. 

Player Settings 

  • Language: UK English or US English
  • Multiple choice answers or touch pad answers
  • Randomize questions or ordered questions (ex. 2x6, 3x6, 4x6)
  • Reverse Numbers (3x6 and 6x3)
  • Include extreme numbers of 13, 14, and 15 in the Tricky multiplication practice
  • Display the timer and/or countdown timer
  • How quickly you earn points to play the bubble-ball reward game (High, Medium, Low) 

Parents' Zone Settings: These setting can be set and locked by a parent or teacher and customized for individual players. 

  • 4-digit passcode to lock parent settings
  • 28-day progress report: includes date played and the number of problems answered correctly, the number attempted, and the percent correct. 
  • Lock or unlock specific numbers 
  • A list of missed problems with the correct and incorrect answer

Player Stats: Each player can see his/her own statistics.

  • Questions number correct/number attempted with percentage
  • Number of stars earned
  • Number of Bubble-Balls earned
  • Number of Squeebles freed
  • Number of Bubble-Stones
  • Number of Flipfish



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Instructional Ideas
  • Allows multiple players, each with their own settings and player stats 
  • Has both single number practice options and mixed number practice, making it a good overall app to help young mathematicians gain fluency in the multiplication tables
Classroom Considerations
  • The parent zone settings in the app make it easier to keep track of individual progress. Learners can work at their own pace, while teachers can assess their understanding.
  • App has a nice combination of a game-like setting, different skills practice opportunities, teacher or parent controls, statistics or progress monitoring features, and reasonable price, making it a good app for reinforcing multiplication facts practice.
  • Has more statistics than other apps in the the Squeebles series. They are can not be e-mailed; however, so one needs to open the app to see the stats from different players. 
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