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Spain – Culture and Famous Landmarks

This Spain – Culture and Famous Landmarks lesson plan also includes:

Introduce your class to Spain and liven up the class period with some Spanish pop music! Learners view a presentation about Spain and take notes on the information before watching a couple of music videos in Spanish. They use listening skills to pick out 10 Spanish words they know from the videos.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Invite Spanish language learners to research a particular part of Spain and present to the class
  • After watching your chosen music videos, provide lyrics so that class members can follow along
Classroom Considerations
  • The slides for the PowerPoint mentioned have been placed in the document, but will not work as a slide show; you can use them as models and base your own show off of the note-taking guide provided
  • The resource lists two music videos to watch with your class, but one may not be appropriate because it is made up mostly of club scenes; the plan would work with any two Spanish music videos of your choice
  • Note-taking guide for the presentation is included, as is an answer key
  • The goal of the lesson, to show that learning a language is about more than just vocabulary and grammar, is an important aspect of language classes
  • None