Space Jell-O

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New Review

A tasty treat lends its curious substance to space exploration. Mimicking the discoveries of Albert Einstein, young astronomers beginning by making a batch of Jello-O, then four hours later, scholars place edible objects that act like stars and planets on top of the Jell-O and observe how the area reacts.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Make the Jello-O the day before to take less time away from the experiment
  • Assign a written reflection or conduct a grand conversation following the experiment
  • Send the link home during a long break from school, encourage pupils to try the experiment with their family
Classroom Considerations
  • This recipe contains nuts—make modifications to account for any food allergies in your classroom
  • Click on the large bubbles on the right to discover what you need for the activity
  • Red asterisks link to vocabulary definitions 
  • Real pictures accompany written steps
  • None