Sor Juana, la monja y la escritora: Las Redondillas y La Respuesta

Sor Juana, considered one of the first feminist writers and a great Latin American poet, is the topic and inspiration for this excellent lesson. Use the introduction, guiding questions, and learning objectives to lead your class into a study of Sor Juana's poetry and life. The detailed lesson includes a page for teacher preparation, a description of four activities related to analyzing poetry and history, worksheets, texts, an assessment, and an extension. All of this is in Spanish; however, you can view the English version of the lesson in materials or the tab titled Related Lessons on the webpage.

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  • Provides numerous worksheets, student reference pages, and reading selections, as well as an online interactive and an extension activity, to help you teach your class about Sor Juana
  • Lesson can be found in both Spanish and English and provides Spanish and English versions of several of the materials
  • Could be used for an advanced Spanish class or with native speakers
  • Much of the lesson is written in paragraph form, so you might need to take some quick notes while you read to help break the activities down into a plan that is more practical to glance at while teaching
  • Since the texts are so complex, and there are so many additional resources to explore, you will definitely need more than the suggested hour to complete the lesson