Sono Flex

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Empower nonverbal learners with the gift of gab using this speech and language application. Offering hundreds of picture-supported words and phrases, it's easy for students who struggle with verbal communication to have meaningful interactions with their peers, teachers, and family members.

Pre-K - 12th English Language Arts 118 Views 30 Downloads
CCSS: Adaptable
App Overview

Encouraging the participation of nonverbal learners has never been easier! By simply tapping on a sequence of pictures, children are able to create complete sentences and questions, becoming contributing members of the classroom community. Numerous options allow the user to personalize the app to meet their specific needs, making the resource useful across a wide range of grade levels. And with hundreds of words to sort through, navigation is made simple by grouping words into general categories and special contexts, allowing students to quickly express themselves no matter the situation.


  • Keyboard feature allows users to type in their own words, phrases, and sentences
  • Edit the words and pictures already included on the app
  • Add words and pictures based on an individual's language needs
  • Change the categories and contexts that show up on the home screen
  • Choose from five male and female voices

General Categories:

  • Pronouns
  • Verbs
  • Describe
  • Things
  • Body and Clothing
  • Food and Eating
  • People
  • Time
  • Places
  • Short Words (articles)
  • Questions
  • Quick Phrases (prepositions)

Special Contexts:

  • Class periods (circle time, math, reading, art, gym, playground, music, etc.)
  • Holidays (4th of July, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and birthday)
  • Mealtimes (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack)
  • Games (Go Fish, board games, hide and seek, Guess Who, I spy, etc.)
  • Recreation (movies, video games, TV, vacation, etc.)
  • Daily routines (getting dressed, personal care, bedtime, housekeeping, etc.)
  • Weather
  • Includes a total of 50 contexts in all
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Instructional Ideas
  1. Allow nonverbal students to use this app for asking and answering questions during whole class, small group, and one-on-one discussion
  2. Use this application to support children with speech impediments, having them create and listen to sentences before attempting to repeat them aloud
  3. For kinesthetic learners struggling to write in complete sentences, have them practice using this resource
  4. Expand the vocabulary of English language learners by allowing them to use this app during writing exercises
Classroom Considerations

If allowing a child to use this resource in your classroom, be sure to have a discussion with the entire class so they are aware of the situation. Additionally, clear expectations need to be provided to the students using the app to ensure that learning objectives are met.

  • Vocabulary words are supported with clear symbols and illustrations
  • Offers multiple customizable options
  • Includes a 133-page user manual
  • Only includes present-tense verbs and singular nouns