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Social Class and Fitting In

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Social classes may be explicitly defined as in a caste system or based more informally on such ideas as wealth or education. After reading and discussing an article about one woman's experience with trying to fit into a system different from the one in which she was raised, scholars consider how feelings of discomfort may affect performance.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Include in the lesson Pat Mora's poem "Sonrisas"
  • Have class members journal about where they see themselves on the continuum Della Mae Justice describes, or how they live in the doorway between two rooms as Pat Mora describes
  • Hold a discussion about how coming from a different perspective may be useful
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires copies of the article about Della Mae Justice
  • Some pupils may find the discussion uncomfortable
  • The lesson encourages learners to consider how their background influences their point of view
  • None