Skill Lessons – Prefixes and Suffixes

This Skill Lessons – Prefixes and Suffixes lesson plan also includes:

Sometimes the best way to understand a concept is to break it down. Young vocabulary pupils work with word parts in a hands-on activity that prompts them to connect flash cards with affixes to their root and base words. Additionally, they create review foldables and complete a fill-in-the-blank worksheet.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Supplement a primary unit of prefixes and suffixes
  • Have grammarians write a descriptive story and underline the prefixes and suffixes 
Classroom Considerations
  • Choose different colors of paper to copy the handouts
  • Introductory activity requires Internet access
  • Comes with a list of third grade prefixes; feel free to augment or modify the list to better connect to your curriculum
  • Final two pages offer links where you can buy a full language arts unit
  • Includes a reference page to keep in a language arts journal 
  • Illustrated directions are easy to understand
  • Provides a hook for the beginning of the lesson
  • Formatting of the resource is difficult to follow, as it includes parts of several different activities