Sink Cap’n K!

Turn a lesson on the coordinate plane into a class game of battleship with this fun math resource. Providing two coordinate grids and and places to fill in the ordered pairs that are guessed, this activity is a great way to familiarize young mathematicians with the Cartesian coordinate system.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Include this game during a pre-algebra unit on the coordinate plane, either as a whole class or partner activity
  • Offer this as an option for early finishers of math lessons
  • Send copies of this resource home and encourage students to play it with their family members
Classroom Considerations

  • When playing the game in pairs, have students use folders or books to keep their gameboards hidden from each other

  • Include a teacher's commentary on using this and other activities to teach about graphing in the coordinate plane
  • Provides a list of directions for playing the game
  • Worksheet asks students to label the x- and y-axis, the origin, and all four quadrants

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