Simple Perimeter, Area, and Volume

This Simple Perimeter, Area, and Volume assessment also includes:

Young mathematicians find the area and perimeter of shaded shapes on a grid of unit squares. The sheets challenge class members to find the volume of various solid prisms. Each questions also includes the total value of suggest points that each problem is worth.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Have pupils view the video outside of class, saving class time for discussion and the assessment
  • Use the worksheets as the intended assessment, or give as homework or classwork
  • Encourage pupils to show a formula for some of the easier questions
Classroom Considerations
  • Sheets assumes learners have had practice finding the area and perimeter of given shapes using unit squares
  • Thoroughly explain the instructions on the first page, or leave it out all together
  • The eight-page packet includes 13 word problems, each with subset questions
  • Comes with an instructional video and an answer key
  • None
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