ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

This ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard app also includes:

A presentation tool to record written text and pictures with audio voice-over and share privately or publicly online.

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App Overview

  • Create personalized whiteboard tutorials with their own URL, or search the existing ShowMe library to see content created by others
  • Upload a picture or draw your own and annotate it with text and recorded audio, pausing and restarting as the classroom demands
  • Make a mistake? Erase work within the presentation before it is published

The final product can be projected to any whiteboard or viewed through ShowMe’s online learning community. Student groups can be created in the teacher’s account without student e-mails. If you sign up via Facebook or Twitter, you can share your postings socially too.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Implement a blended learning or flipped-classroom environment by recording videos pupils can view at home
  • They can create their own videos to show understanding of a concept, exchange information with other classmates, or contribute a piece to a larger project
  • When having students create videos, you might ask them to first outline their presentation, upload photos or pictures, and rehearse before starting to record
  • Pupils can write all the text first and record audio afterward, or write and record at the same time. When sharing, remember to adjust privacy settings for student work
Classroom Considerations

The user interface is clean and easy to use. While the ability to create presentations is an excellent educational tool, the lack of editing functionality both during after publication is one shortcoming. For instance, once you begin recording audio, it can only be erased by deleting the whole project. Also, you’re currently limited to importing photos and images from the web, and can only export the presentation to your ShowMe account.