Lesson Plan

Shoes and the Backyard Landscape

This Shoes and the Backyard Landscape lesson plan also includes:

Your shoes get a lot of mileage in familiar places. Represent the places you have traveled the most with an art project based on a print of Indian People Wear Shoes and Socks by Juane Quick-to-See Smith. Kids trace their shoes and draw symbols inside the footprint to show the various people, items, and places they have gone, and then enhance the drawings with color pencils to create depth.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Expand the project to include other places that kids know well, such as their bedroom, their neighborhood, their school, or their favorite place to hang out
  • Laminate the finished projects and decorate your classroom with your class's footsteps
Classroom Considerations
  • Print the required print in color, and enlarge for easier viewing
  • Lesson requires a short story ("Two Pairs of Shoes" by Esther Sanderson), which isn't available on the resource
  • Does not include a clear rubric, only a verbal assessment
  • Provides links to additional materials
  • A good way to merge social studies and art
  • None