Lesson Plan

Shizuko’s Daughter: Unsent Letter

This Shizuko’s Daughter: Unsent Letter lesson plan also includes:

Have you ever wanted to tell a character what you really thought of him or her? Use a lesson based on Kyoko Mori's Shizuko's Daughter to encourage learners to write a letter in response to a character's actions. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Apply the activity to any novel or short story
  • Modernize the lesson to include mock text messages, social media, or e-mail
  • Have kids write back and forth as different characters
  • Encourage learners to include specific instances from the text in their letters
Classroom Considerations
  • Does not include a student instruction sheet, but does provide directions within the lesson plan 
  • A creative way for kids to connect with the text
  • Addresses both writing and reading comprehension skills with one assignment
  • None