Shadow Play

Three activities make up a solar system lesson that features the sun, its light, and the shadows it produces. Scholars step outside to discover the changes shadows make at different times of day, take part in a demonstration of how Earth rotates around the sun, and examine shadows from sunrise to sundown using an action figure and flashlight. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Encourage learners to pose in creative ways to heighten engagement and add more physical activity 
  • Display activity three at Open House; direct pupils to demonstrate the movement of the sun and explain the effect on shadows to their family members that visit the classroom 
  • Visit the library, or schedule time at the computer lab or on mobile learning devices to research additional information about the sun and shadows 
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires a variety of materials; ask parents and guardians for items to save time and bridge the school-home connection 
  • The lesson's duration reflects an estimate of all three activities implemented on the same day 
  • Provides helpful tips for easier implementation 
  • Lists two extension activities 
  • Encourages exploration and physical participation 
  • None