Serbian Field Marshal Stepa Stepanovic

Stepa Stepanovic is hardly a household name, but an intriguing video biography demonstrates the role he played in shaping Serbia's history and entry into the war. Stepanovic is well known in Serbia as an advocate for his troops. Covered in the installment of the Who Did What in WWI? series, his story opens up questions about leadership and nationalism relevant in a deeper study of the Great War.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use the video to engage scholars in a discussion of nationalism
  • Offer as research for a project on wartime leadership or the Balkan Powder Keg
Classroom Considerations

  • Graphic photos of war crimes and members of the Austrian-Hungarian royal family in their caskets make the video inappropriate for some learners
  • Scholars may need background information on the Balkan political situation leading up to World War I to fully understand the video

  • Video biography situates Stepanovic in the wider context of the Great War
  • Provocative use of photographs stimulates learners' interest in the subject

  • Detailed nature may lose some learners
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