Sennedjem - (19th Dynasty)

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Who was Sennedjem and how does he relate to ancient Egypt? The resource describes the artisan's life as well as the village in which he lived, called Set Ma'at. Learners view where the people who built the tombs for powerful Egyptians lived and receive direct instruction at each new location along the way.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Assign scholars to write a one-page paper discussing whether the village looked like their expectations of ancient Egypt
  • Prepare a tour and show the resource as if pupils are on a trip in ancient Egypt
Classroom Considerations
  • Requires a device with an Internet connection and the ability to download to that device 
  • Includes the ability to use virtual reality 
  • Provides a section with background information and context to better understand Sennedjem and Set Ma'at
  • None