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It's important to have healthy self-esteem, but it't not always easy for a teen to identify and maintain it. Support your pupils' healthy self-esteem through grand conversations, daily positive self reflections, and scenario problem solving. These lessons can be revisited throughout the school year, and the included assessment can aid in the determination how well class members comprehend the practices.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Create a flipped classroom assignment by providing article links to be read and/or listened to at home prior to conducting the lesson in class
  • Provide journals to each class member to keep a written log of their discussion responses 
  • Send a letter home informing families about the topic of instruction their child will be participating in with tips on how they can continue the conversation and healthy practices at home  
Classroom Considerations
  • Copies are required 
  • Browse and obtain materials list prior to conducting lessons
  • As every class member's level of self-esteem is different, take into consideration how your scholars will react towards the discussion and activities taking place, and adjust accordingly to create a comfortable atmosphere for all 
  • Four links direct you to articles that have an audible option so scholars can listen to the article being read  
  • Adolescent-friendly language is used throughout the lesson 
  • This lesson is thought provoking and encourages a positive attitude towards one's self 
  • Links on page 3 no longer work, but the materials can be found attached to this resource