Lesson Plan


A instructional activity uses a stop light to assist young scholars in using self-control. After the class defines self-control and how it boosts responsibility and independence, they practice a breathing exercise to reflect on their behavior. Learners play a game of "Red Light, Green Light" and create a stop light out of construction paper.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Keep a paper stoplight on the wall; refer to its colors when you observe specific behavior
  • Encourage pupils to display their stop lights at home

Classroom Considerations
  • The fourth lesson in a series of 12 that looks closely at social-emotional learning competencies
  • Avoid using food examples so as not to cause a food complex or eating disorder 
  • Browse the material list to gather what you need and prep before performing the lesson
  • The stop light creates a strong visual
  • The resource comes with lesson extensions in many subjects
  • None