Scientific Method

Encourage your students' inner scientist by conducting experiments and recording their findings. This printable incorporates every part of the scientific method into an easy-to-read outline of experimental questions, research, hypothesis, procedure and materials, data analysis, and reflection.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Provide students with sentence starters and/or frames
  • Preview and model this tool by conducting an experiment as a class and discuss your findings
  • Can be used for independent or group science experiments 
  • Use in the classroom or send scientific method worksheet home to conduct at-home science experiments
  • Cut along the section borders and paste onto poster board for science exhibit presentations
Classroom Considerations
  • Students must know the scientific method
  • Space to write may be small for some writers
  • Materials may be needed depending on science experiment type and location
  • Duration may be longer or shorter depending on experiment
  • Sections separated by borders
  • Additional space is provided for writing information from research
  • Sections provide an additional comment or question to assist learner in the writing process
  • This is not a digitally fillable document