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Saxon Math: Algebra 2 (Section 9)

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Section 9 of the 12 linked Saxon Math sections introduces the young algebrist to graphing periodic functions, creating graphs from quadratic roots, working with inequalities, and rational equations. Common among all the lessons is the emphasis on interpreting solutions and graphs and applying math concepts to real-life scenarios. As in the previous sections, lessons and examples have been made highly modular, so harvesting interesting bits to add to your own algebra curriculum is merely a matter of choosing from all the great material.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Consider using the examples from the periodic functions sections as part of a cross-curricular unit with the physics department as they investigate sound and wave properties
  • Investigation 9 would make a great introduction or remediation project for understanding stepwise functions
  • Lessons on solving quadratic inequalities make great material for extending advanced learners while covering linear inequalities and their systems
Classroom Considerations
  • Lessons and examples are highly modular but distributed practice problems cover material from sections 1-8
  • Graphing calculator examples and labs assume that the class is using the TI-83/84/85 suite of calculators
  • Loads of examples, particularly in the graphing trigonometric functions sections
  • Problems pull from real-life situations where applicable
  • Modularized lessons break material into easily digested chunks
  • Problem sets carefully aligned with explanations and examples
  • No answer key provided
  • Material jumps back and forth between topics without any sense of continuity