Safe Science Lab Safety Awareness

Curated and Reviewed by Lesson Planet

Prepare young scientists for the ins and outs of lab safety with a thorough list of symbols, icons, and rules about staying safe during experiments. Additionally, the resource provides several assessment pages for kids to reflect on what they have learned about electrical safety, fire safety, and poisonous materials safety, among others.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Hand out to your science class before they enter the lab for the first time, or during the first week of school
  • Blow up some of the rules pages that pertain to your lab, and use them as posters for kids to reference throughout the year
  • Project the charts onto a whiteboard and have kids fill them out as a class
Classroom Considerations
  • The last page of the assessment references a photo and a video, neither of which are available (the photo is extremely dark and hard to see)
  • Pictures of symbols are vivid, and come with explanations that are easy to understand
  • Assessment addresses topics that are relevant to any science class
  • None