Safe Campfires and Camping

This Safe Campfires and Camping lesson plan also includes:

One of the best ways to prevent forest fires is to ensure that campfires are completely out. Take your class through the steps needed to protect their campsites and the greater forest area around them with a fun and interactive lesson on fire safety.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Cut out and laminate the game pieces for use in multiple groups or classes
  • Project the worksheets with pictures onto the board for classwork, and have learners write down the answers in a notebook or answer sheet
  • Use before a class camping trip or with an extracurricular camping club
Classroom Considerations

  • The lesson is designed with Oregon forests in mind, but would work for any lesson about fire safety and prevention
  • Most of the resource is in color, and printing in black and white may affect understanding

  • Provides several exercises to reinforce the knowledge from the lesson
  • Reiterates the steps needed to ensure that a campfire is completely out
  • A great addition to a school-wide focus on fire safety

  • None