Rules of Exponents

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Explaining the hows and whys of exponent laws in an approachable and non-intimidating manner is no small task. But here, it is accomplished with humor and real-life examples. Set up with scenarios from biology, the role of exponents and methods to arithmetically manipulate them are fully explained. The narrator even finds time at the end to stop, review key concepts, and spiral back into the introductory example. A great resource for teaching exponents as a new concept or for remediating learners who need a little extra explanation.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Extend concepts and partner with language arts by having the class read the Indian parable of the king and the rice (one version here: and write out the exponential expressions from the story
  • Create a memory-style game where card matches are expressions with equivalent exponential notation, before and after simplifying
  • Consider linking on a class website and having pupils view before class in a flipped classroom model, or afterward to remediate concepts
Classroom Considerations
  • Playing video requires Internet access
  • If the video is viewed by the class as a whole, consider pausing after questions are asked by the presenter to allow for seat work and discussion
  • Learners without a background in biology might not understand the references to cell division and need explanations of the introductory examples
  • Pleasant and unhurried narrator is easily understood
  • Examples progress logically from common sense deductions
  • Numbers used work out cleanly, allowing the focus of the lesson to remain on the concept
  • Examples given are from science and social science
  • No printable slides or note sheets available for classwork
  • No guided practice or additional problems provided
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