Lesson Plan

Royal Patronage

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The relationship between European royalty and the artists, scientists, and philosophers they support has been a building block in the artistic and technological progress throughout the world. Learn more about patronage throughout the British monarchy, focusing on King Henry VIII, Mary Queen of Scots, Queen Elizabeth I, and Queen Elizabeth II with a collaborative activity that introduces the royal collection to pupils. They use historical context to design a game of luck in which the winner is in possession of some of the most irreplaceable pieces of art and noteworthy scientific inventions in the last millennium.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use in an AP European History class when discussing patronage and the Renaissance
  • Include extension activities as extra credit assignments or final assessments
Classroom Considerations
  • Designed for students in British classrooms who are more familiar with the traditions and significance of the British monarchy, as well as with the British television show Beat the Boss
  • Consider augmenting the instructions for the final board game project since there is a discrepancy between desired results and information provided; perhaps learners can adapt an existing game to add some scaffolding to the project
  • Includes worksheets and reference sheets for class members
  • Connects well between art history, social studies, and language arts
  • None