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Travel along with the Channel Island as they drift from San Diego northward to their current location off the Coast of Santa Barbara. Dr. Tanya Atwater, a geophysicist and marine geologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara reveals how plate tectonics played a part in this incredible journey.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Begin the series by showing the West of the West's Tales from California Channel Islands, a teaser that provides an overview of all the Channel Island resources
  • Use the video to launch a study of plate tectonics and/or continental drift
Classroom Considerations
  • Previous knowledge of plate tectonics and continental drift would be helpful but not essential
  • The video provides the core text for a series of lesson plans designed for various grade levels
  • The narrator's enthusiasm for her subject is infectious
  • The video offers no documentation to support the rotation theory; however, the lessons that accompany the video do