Role of Plants in Water Filtration

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Investigate the amazing ability of plants to filter contaminants from water with this series of in-class demonstrations. After placing six small, potted plants in plastic cups, different solutions and mixtures are poured into them that represent common pollutants found in water. As the mixtures percolate through the soil and into the cups, pupils make comparisons with the original liquids to determine whether or not the contaminants were removed from the water. 

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Classroom Considerations
  • This activity addresses a number of earth and life science topics, making it adaptable to units on plant life, ecosystems, and the hydrosphere
  • Demonstration assumes students understand the difference between mixtures and solutions, and have a general understanding of plant life
  • A series of step-by-step instructions are provided for demonstrating how plants filter water
  • Includes a series follow-up questions for guiding a class discussion
  • None