Right Triangles Inscribed in Circles I

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One of the basic properties of inscribed angles gets a triangle proof treatment in a short but detailed exercise. Leading directions take the learner through identifying characteristics of a circle and how they relate to angles and lengths. Not much structure is provided for answering, so the learner has to follow his own intuition for explanation.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Suggested differentiations allow for amending directions to include more or less leading information
  • Great introductory or supplemental activity for a lesson on inscribed angles
  • Useful for end-of-course open-response practice, particularly with organizing a paragraph-style proof
Classroom Considerations
  • Weaknesses in using triangle properties will show up quickly, might need remediation handy
  • Simply stated problem without much prerequisite knowledge required for elegant proof development
  • Excellent practice identifying parts of circles and reaching logical conclusions
  • Student worksheet not separated from teacher notes / answer key
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