Respect: It Starts With You!

This Respect: It Starts With You! writing prompt also includes:

There are few things as frustrating to a teacher as a disrespectful student. Luckily this collection of activities, worksheets, and writing exercises is here to help eliminate this problem by teaching young leaners what respect really means.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Complete these worksheets and activities over the course of the entire year as you build and maintain a classroom community based on respect
  • Have students work in small groups creating and presenting skits that demonstrate examples and non-examples of what respect looks like
  • Perform the included play during the first week of school to instill a basic understanding of respect that can be built upon throughout the school year

  • Resource is broken into four sections addressing respect for feelings, differences, rules, and self
  • Includes a song and script for a play about respect that engage children in learning
  • Provides a list of suggested fiction and nonfiction books that address the concept of respect

  • The cover page has a typo, "It's Starts with You!" instead of "It Starts with You!"