Reflexive Pronouns

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I, myself, like a straightforward grammar exercise, and here is one about reflexive pronouns! Learners identify the reflexive pronoun in each of 20 sentences and indicate the subject that the pronoun refers to.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Assign this for homework or as a starter
  • Work through the first few as a class before sending individuals off to work on their own or with partners
Classroom Considerations
  • While designed for elementary standards, this could be used for review and practice through middle school
  • This worksheet is part of a series that focuses on all types of pronouns
  • Includes an answer key
  • Provides some information at the top of the page to support learners, such as a definition of reflexive pronouns, a list of reflexive pronouns, and an example of how to complete the exercise
  • None
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