Recognizing Forces

A common complaint among physics scholars studying Newton's laws of motion concerns drawing free-body diagrams. To practice the required pre-requisite skills for free-body diagrams, individuals identify which forces act in specific situations. They read a description of a physical motion and select among up to six types of forces represented. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Assign either the first two sets or the third set to avoid assigning the same question sets twice
Classroom Considerations
  • Concept builder scales to fit any size screen
  • Relies on prior knowledge of the following forces: normal, gravity, applied, friction, tension, and air resistance
  • Part of a series on Newton's laws of motion
  • Provides a Help Me section for each question that reviews the different types of forces and how to approach each problem to solve it successfully
  • Lists many resources including readings, online modules, science kits, and miscellaneous help for those wanting more detail or practice
  • None
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