Unit Plan

Racist and Religious Hate Crime

This Racist and Religious Hate Crime unit plan also includes:

Address the current political climate with a series of thought-provoking activities. A resource packet provides pupils with strategies for challenging racist behavior and religious prejudice, and moves them from being passive bystanders to active upstanders.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have groups research comparable U.S. legislation used to prosecute racist and religious crimes
  • Update the phone cards to reflect local resources
Classroom Considerations
  • Preview all the clips to determine those appropriate for your learning situation
  • Although the resource is designed for UK classrooms, the activities and resources are appropriate for any classroom and any curriculum area
  • A protocol must be in place for the safe, respectful discussion of sensitive issues
  • Requires multiple color copies of the various worksheets
  • Instructors must contact the publisher for the DVD
  • Carefully crafted and scaffolded
  • The activities cause participants to think deeply about the issues and their own feelings
  • None