Bring your class's study skills into the 21st century with this digital teaching tool. Offering an easy way to create and share customized sets of flash cards with students, parents, and other educators, this resource is a must-have for teachers across all grade levels and subjects areas.

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App Overview

Flash cards have been used as teaching tools for decades, but this digital resource opens a whole new realm of possibilities for these useful study tools. From creating vocabulary sets and reading comprehension questions to practice math problems and historical timelines, this application can be used when teaching any grade level or subject area. Numerous customizable options and organizational features make this a fun and easy-to-use educational app for students and teachers alike.

Getting Started

  • Log In using a Google, Facebook, or previously created Quizlet account
  • Sign Up using a Google or Facebook account, or separate e-mail address
  • Start searching Quizlet study sets, classes, and users without signing in or signing up

Account Features

  • View latest activity
  • Create new study sets
  • Search for study sets, classes, or users
  • Access the classes you have joined
  • View the folders you have created
  • See the study sets and classes you have created

Creating Study Sets

  • Assign a language to each term and definition
  • Add pictures from the Quizlet image library (option available on Quizlet website only)
  • Make the sets visible to everyone, just you, or require a password
  • Allow sets to be edited by just you or require a password

Study Set Activities

  • Cards - Flashcards that display the definition of each term when tapped
  • Learn - Given the definition, type in the corresponding word or phrase
  • Match - With all of the words and definitions displayed on the screen correctly match them together
  • The Quizlet website offers additional ways for students to interact with study sets


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Curator Rating
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  • Fun factor
  • Scaffolding of learning
  • User safety

    Access to e-mail and social media sites is easily available without any security measures.

  • Control and feedback
  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas
  • Create a class on Quizlet and add vocabulary sets for each unit of study 
  • In social studies, make study sets with key historical events and people from specific time periods
  • Develop sets of math fact flashcards for young children to use when developing fluency with different operations
  • Have students create their own sets of cards to support them with studying about any topic
Classroom Considerations
  • Users are able to share study sets using e-mail, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media platforms so be sure to provide your class with clear expectations and directions for using this feature
  • Students need either a Google account, Facebook account, or e-mail address in order to set up a Quizlet account
  • Multiple users can access their accounts on a single device, making this particularly useful for classrooms with limited access to technology
  • Privacy settings allow control over who can access the study sets you create, with the option to protect them with passwords
  • Students are able to search for and access study sets without having to create an account
  • Access to Quizlet accounts is offered through their webpage as well as with their mobile app
  • The Quizlet mobile app is available on both Apple and Android devices
  • A $15 annual fee is required in order for students to upload their own photos and personal voice recordings to their study sets
  • In order to access student tracking features teachers must pay an annual fee of $25