“Putt-Putt” For The Geometry of It!

This “Putt-Putt” For The Geometry of It! performance task also includes:

Take a swing at the task. Using their knowledge of polygons and solids, scholars design one hole of a miniature golf course. They calculate areas and perimeters, determine the cost of building the holes, make scale drawings, and create scale models using their designs.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Team up with a technology teacher to have the class create their golf holes at full scale and hold a fair for younger pupils
Classroom Considerations
  • A variety of materials should be available for learners to create models
  • Knowledge of scale drawings and models, area, surface area, and polygons is necessary
  • Provides examples of student work
  • Includes a rubric for the project
  • None
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