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Should that pause in your sentence be long, short, or somewhere in between? Practice using commas and semicolons with a series of grammar activities. High schoolers read a series of sentences and paragraphs and decide where they should add the appropriate punctuation mark. Additionally, they work on the difference between colons and semicolons with a few rewriting exercises.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use as review for high schoolers or instruction for younger learners
  • Bring to an ELD curriculum to practice sentence structure
Classroom Considerations
  • Includes specific information about the school and class for the lesson; consider changing this part of the worksheet
  • Lesson provides instructions for completion with a tablet pen
  • Includes examples for the sections in which learners rewrite sentences
  • Provides a variety of ways to practice different punctuation concepts
  • Differentiates between colons and semicolons
  • Does not include an answer key
  • Refers to a specific slideshow presentation that is not available