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PS2A—Forces and Motions

May the force be with you! Learn how to present the content of PS2A, Forces and Motion, using the strategies in the video. With fun scenarios that include Angry Birds and toilet paper, demonstrating the relationship between force, mass, and acceleration has never been easier.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Take the Angry Birds example in the video to the next department meeting, then brainstorm ways to implement it in the classroom
  • Create a pre-assessment on forces and motion based on the narrator's discussion of what pupils should have learned in previous grades
Classroom Considerations
  • The examples used in the video work well for students of any age, as well as teachers new to the physical science standards
  • The narrator recognizes and addresses common pitfalls in teaching the concepts of forces and motion throughout all grade levels
  • Easy-to-prepare props help pupils and teachers alike grasp the underlying concepts behind Newton's laws
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