PS1C—Nuclear Processes

Need some strategies for teaching nuclear processes that are sure to cause an explosion of learning in your classroom? Get all the essential background knowledge, plus tips for getting your point across in a thoughtful video. Concept mapping uses the four main forces in the universe, gravity, electromagnetic force, and the strong and weak forces, to help you deliver concise lessons covering PS1C. The narrator also explains the basics of the standard to introduce in the middle school classroom.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Incorporate the video into unit planning time
  • Modify the concept map and have students use the version to help them understand how the four universal forces are connected
Classroom Considerations
  • Simple explanations make the video ideal for instructors that are new to teaching the standard
  • The content gives teachers a clear summary of the need-to-know aspects of what can be a daunting standard
  • Includes great examples to support your existing nuclear processes lesson plans
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