Lesson Plan

Properties of Trigonometric Functions

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Given a value of one trigonometric function, it is easy to determine others. Learners use the periodicity of trigonometric functions to develop properties. After studying the graphs of sine, cosine, and tangent, the lesson connects them to the values for these functions found on the unit circle. Finally, they use these relationships to develop properties of the functions. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Develop a table of identities that are verified through the process of working with the unit circle
Classroom Considerations
  • The class should be familiar with trigonometric functions and the unit circle
  • Class members need to know how to determine the value of trigonometric functions
  • The lesson plan is the second segment of a 16-part series
  • The answer keys show the work needed to arrive at the solutions
  • Includes suggestions for advanced pupils
  • None
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