Properties of Mixtures vs. Solutions: Mix It Up!

This Properties of Mixtures vs. Solutions: Mix It Up! lesson plan also includes:

Now it becomes crystal clear why the unit is called Mixtures and Solutions. The fifth installment of a six-part unit explores mixtures and solutions. After viewing a demonstration on mixing pebbles with water, salt with water, and vegetable oil with water, class members develop definitions of mixtures and solutions, as well as solutes and solvents.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have learners create a graphic organizer comparing and contrasting mixtures and solutions
Classroom Considerations

  • Some materials are necessary; see resource for complete list
  • There is an associated activity, Messin' with Mixtures, for the lesson

  • Includes a list for relevant vocabulary, along with their descriptions
  • Provides some options for pre-lesson, post-introduction, and lesson summary assessment

  • Very little student involvement may hurt interest in the activity