Properties of + and x Foldable

This Properties of + and x Foldable printable & template also includes:

Clarify for young scholars the basic properties of addition and multiplication with this foldable math resource. Written on the front flaps are the terms commutativeassociativeidentity, and inverse with algebraic equations on the inside that model the meaning of each property for both operations.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Have students record numerical examples and/or written definitions of each property on the blank flaps of the foldable
  • Take time during math class for children to use the foldable to quiz themselves on the different properties
  • Allow students to use this as a reference during in-class and homework assignments
  • A blank space is available for students to record additional information about each property
  • Resource allows children to make connections between the operations of addition and multiplication
  • Directions are not provided for assembling the foldable, but by simply making two-sided copies of the documents it should become clear where to make the folds and cuts