Pronoun Case and Perspective | Parts of Speech App

Get to know subject, object, and reflexive pronouns with an informative and appealing video that offers insight and guidance into writing grammatically correct sentences. Individuals are provided with the opportunity to check for understanding using an interactive pop quiz and a review. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Take screenshots, or recreate the charts presented, in order for students to reference information during and after instruction 
  • Follow along using a laser pointer to direct scholars' attention to key details
  • Create a flipped classroom assignment; give pupils the link to watch at home so they come to class prepared to discuss and apply what they learned
Classroom Considerations
  • An ad pops up at the beginning of the video
  • The design of the video is easy to read
  • The narrator speaks clearly and not too quickly
  • Examples are engaging with fun graphics and voices 
  • Each screenshot contains a lot of information which may be overwhelming for some viewers