Procedural Amendments: Amendments III, IV, and V

This Procedural Amendments: Amendments III, IV, and V lesson plan also includes:

So many US Constitution clauses, so little time. The 17th installment in a 20-part series teaches pupils about the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments. Learning through activities such as group work, connecting to current events, and classroom discussion helps make the concept clear.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Break learners into groups and role play a theoretical court case that involves the Third, Fourth, or fFfth Amendments
  • Assign the readings as homework and discuss in class the next day
Classroom Considerations

  • No additional prep work required before beginning the teaching process 

  • It's easy to create a test based on the resource through provided comprehension questions and answer key
  • The variety of activities helps to keep learning exciting and interesting
  • Each essay includes scaffolding, enabling scholars to feel supported while reading

  • None