Probability Worksheet

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Your learners probably will enjoy practicing a variety of concepts as they work through these eight probability worksheets. The first few worksheets emphasize basic probability using cards, the months in a year, and the number of students in a class. Then independent and dependent probability is addressed using different-colored marbles and cards. Finally, learners identify the likeliness of a suitable event happening given a variety of scenarios.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Keep these probability worksheets on hand to use for practice when teaching the different facets of probability, or as review worksheets for when you have a substitute teacher
Classroom Considerations

  • Use as independent practice for learners or set up collaborative groups that share their solutions and reasoning with the class
  • Have advanced students teach the various probability concepts addressed in the different worksheets

  • Includes eight worksheet written in two-column style to allow for learners to show their work
  • Includes solutions

  • None
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