Prime and Composite Numbers

Nine true or false, multiple-choice, and discussion questions make up an interactive designed to reinforce scholars' knowledge of prime and composite numbers. A number chart reveals every prime number through 100. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Post questions eight and nine on a classroom blog; direct pupils to answer the questions then respond to at least one peer 
  • Have the link readily available for learners to practice when they complete other tasks early
  • Send the link home for additional work time outside the classroom 
Classroom Considerations
  • Questions eight and nine are discussion questions 
  • Participants should know how to factor integers 
  • Create a free CK-12 account to use the interactive 
  • Offers a number chart to check answers
  • Hints and additional information is provided through easy-to-click links
  • Class members learn whether their answer was right or wrong instantly 
  • None
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