Presidents vs. Aliens™

People of all ages can enjoy identifying and learning about the US Presidents by playing this entertaining game. Quiz questions cover identifying the president, political party, predecessors and successors, nicknames, quotes, general facts, and historical events.

3rd - 12th Social Studies & History 22 Views 5 Downloads
App Overview

On the home screen, players first set up their personal profile or continue as a guest. Kids will enjoy selecting an avatar.

Next, they have the option to select all or some of the seven information categories for the game.

Users can then decide whether to learn about the presidents or go straight to the game. 


In this module, users view flashcards for each president, beginning with George Washington and progressing forward or back as they choose.

Flashcard Information:

  • Name
  • Image
  • Dates in office
  • Party
  • Nickname
  • Events
  • Quotes
  • Facts


For each question there are four presidents from which to choose the correct answer. If players select the right president, they have an opportunity to fling that president at a group of aliens, attempting to clear them from the screen. If they answer incorrectly, another question appears.

This continues until the player clears the screen of all aliens. For each clear screen they earn a random president.

Accumulating presidents can unlock two additional games: Heads of State, and Executive Order. Three games in one!

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Instructional Ideas

There are numerous ways to use this great game. Consider setting it up at a learning station, as a tool for completing a presidential treasure hunt, or form small groups that compete to collect the most presidents in a predetermined amount of time.

Classroom Considerations

Two drawbacks for classroom use are the limited number of player profiles, and the inability to print the informational flashcards.

  • Easy to use
  • Entertaining and educational
  • None