President Johnson 1965 Inaugural Address

Rocked by the sudden assassination of their beloved President John F. Kennedy, the American people elected Lyndon B. Johnson to be the 36th president of the United States. President Johnson addresses his fellow citizens from the Capitol on January 20, 1965, focusing on themes of freedom, safety, and working hard for yourself and your country.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Assign the video for homework viewing, and discuss learners' questions and impressions during instruction the next day
  • Compare and contrast President Johnson's speech and delivery with other modern presidents, including President Kennedy and President Reagan
Classroom Considerations
  • Because the video is from a television rebroadcast, it features captions on the bottom about upcoming coverage of the 2005 inauguration
  • The comment section is open to the public, and is full of theories about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy
  • Original footage cuts away to the crowd and different views of the president as he speaks, making the footage more engaging to view
  • The video is not very long (11 minutes), making it a good addition to a lesson
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