Lesson Plan

Pre-Assessment Activity: What Do You Know About Microbes?

This Pre-Assessment Activity: What Do You Know About Microbes? lesson plan also includes:

In an introductory lesson, youngsters take a pre-assessment quiz, get a grasp of a gram of mass, and then estimate the mass of microorganisms that live within a human body. Using Glo Germ™, a material that allows you to simulate the passing of germs by hands, mini microbiologists get an ultraviolet view of the importance of hand washing. To close, small groups construct a concept map of what they have learned, one that will be added to throughout the unit. A wonderful kick-start to a unit that is a whole new world!

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  • Using the UV light and Glo Germ™ gel makes a memorable unit introduction
  • A 20-question pre-assessment and answer key are provided
  • Extension ideas are provided 
  • You will need to order a Glo Germ™ kit to fully carry out this lesson, but it is well worth it; make sure to order it with plenty of time for shipping