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Add color to the mind-mapping process! Users double tap to create a bubble and everything flows quickly from there as they drag, draw, type, and more.

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App Overview

How to Get Started:

  • Tap My Popplet to open a sample popplet with some instruction included
  • Create a new popplet by tapping Make New Popplet
  • Title your popplet and choose a color before creating the template
  • Start adding and editing popples

Editing Options:

  • Touch and drag popples to reposition
  • Tap a popple to view editing options
  • Add text, change the popple color, draw, and add a photo
  • Zoom in and out by pinching; you can also use the arrow in the bottom right corner of any popple to resize it
  • Double tap the screen or draw a line from one of the points around any popple to create a new popple
  • Connect popples with the dots around each popple
  • Change the background color
  • Tap the padlock to lock and unlock your popplet; this locks the position and editing ability Pinch inside a box to change the color from white to yellow (and back)
  • Select View All to see your entire popplet on one screen
  • Tap the X on any popple to delete; you will get a warning and must confirm this choice
  • Change the title of your popplet at any time


From the Gear Menu, You Can:

  • Create a new popple
  • Copy, cut, and paste a popple
  • Multi-select popples (you can also do this by tapping popples with two fingers)
  • Select all popples 

Other Features:

  • Check out the three font sizes, the option to change text justification, and seven colors
  • E-mail a PDF or JPEG to any address or save a JPEG to your photo library
  • Tap the Help button for instructions on how to use the program
  • Sign up for online popplets from the online tab on the main page; if you do so, you get five online popplets accessible through the app or website
  • Share and publish online popplets
  • Collaborate on online popplets in real time
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Instructional Ideas

Before a unit or lesson, map ideas as a class. You can project Popplet and add popples as pupils come up with ideas. Work together to (literally) draw connections between ideas.

Have small groups or individuals use Popplet to plan essays, plan projects, organize research, present information, and more.

Classroom Considerations

Some of the editing options are touchy. Work with younger learners as they master the tools.

  • Flexible interface allows for users to create a chart in the way that makes the most sense to them
  • Kids will enjoy the bright colors and ease of use
  • The draw function can be tricky because the default color is white (the color of the background of a popple), but, while you can't undo accidental marks, you can clear the drawing or delete the popple
  • You cannot collaborate on the tablet app and only get five online popplets to collaborate on