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Polynomial Operations

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This overview of polynomial operations does a solid job of summarizing how a mathematician attacks adding, subtracting, and multiplying polynomials. With particular emphasis on combining like terms and when exponents do and do not change, this presentation would make a great end-of-chapter interactive lecture. Though only one of each kind of problem is presented, each one is carefully chosen to demonstrate multiple facets of problems solving. In addition, the narrator does describe other issues the learner might encounter in each kind of problem. A brief topic overview with surprising interest and depth to add to a polynomial operation curriculum.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Consider using after teaching polynomial arithmetic as a unit to review and refresh
  • Challenge the class to come up with problems or situations that would result in the operations shown, such as finding area or perimeter of rectangles with unknown but related dimensions
  • Linking on the class website as a refresh and review would allow for on-demand individual remediation
Classroom Considerations
  • Video requires Internet access
  • Terms are identified and grouped using colored print, which might present challenges for the visually impaired or colorblind
  • Only one example of each type of problem is presented with brief discussion of different variations the class might encounter
  • Pausing the video between the problem and solution would lead to greater participation in seatwork and allow for questions
  • Easy-to-understand narrator presents material and works problems
  • Emphasis on sound mechanics and basic term-combining processes
  • Each problem is worked step by step with potential pitfalls and general strategies discussed
  • Only one example of each kind of problem is shown
  • No printable notes available to accompany presentation
  • No extension or post-presentation problems provided
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