Plato and Aristotle: Crash Course History of Science #3

This Plato and Aristotle: Crash Course History of Science #3 video also includes:

Biology, cosmology, philosophy ... Plato and Aristotle had theories about them all! How did these ancient scholars shape the science of today? The third video in the History of Science series compares and contrasts the ideas of the famed philosophers and explains how their teachings gave rise to modern classification systems.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Add the video to the beginning of a taxonomy lesson for a look at classification before Linnaeus
  • Ask learners which school of thought, Plato's or Aristotle's, is more their style
Classroom Considerations
  • Show the video after watching the preceeding installment to make sure students understand the significance of the content
  • Animated sequences keep viewers amused and informed
  • The resource sheds light on the rise of careful observation as part of scientific research and discovery
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