Plate Tectonics: Second Grade Lesson Plans and Activities

This Plate Tectonics: Second Grade Lesson Plans and Activities unit also includes:

Second graders explore convection currents and how they relate to the movement of tectonic plates. Then, young geologists reconstruct Pangaea with a worksheet and pinpoint plate boundaries on a map using locations of earthquakes and volcanoes.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Include the following words to your word wall: convection, plate tectonics, continents, and Pangaea
  • Conduct a mini-research project in which group members search the Internet for images and information on Pangaea
Classroom Considerations
  • Incorporate pages 7-8 from the attached workbook into your instruction
  • The third lesson in a series of four on the plate tectonics cycle
  • Gather materials for pre-lab and lab prior to teaching
  • Some further teacher background information may be necessary
  • A workbook for the entire unit is included below
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