Photosynthesis Play

Photosynthesis seems nothing short of magic: a little carbon dioxide and water, add energy, and poof, you get food! A thorough, collaborative lesson plan teaches youth the process of photosynthesis thanks to a skit they perform with a group of peers. They then use a card sort to review and assess their understanding of the process. The lesson plan is the 18th installment in a 21-part series on plant and animals systems.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Begin with a review of how nutrients cycle through the body systems of animals
Classroom Considerations
  • Consider creating copies of the photosynthesis diagram in color to emphasize the order and direction of the process
  • Builds on previous lessons and expects a basic understanding of photosynthesis
  • Emphasizes key scientific vocabulary throughout the lesson
  • Incorporates several activities into a single lesson to hold pupils' attention
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